A few months ago, we were all joking about an eventual world war 3 on social media, Now we can say that we’ve got it ”The world v/s Covid-19”.As the Corona Virus is spreading around the world at lightning speed. Several countries are being forced to close their borders and impose curfews on their respective population, forcing us to cancel our travel plans or deal with a sudden change in our regular schedules.

A lot of us now have 14 non-working days which definitely is not a vacation but a sanitary measure, we can neither go to work nor chill out on the beach. Keep on reading to make most of this unusual situation.

  1. Limit The News and Social Media.

Corona Virus is the subject of the moment. Every news channel and social media platform is talking about it and not in a positive way t: it’s all about how many people are dying or getting infected by it. None of them are talking about the recovery rate. They are a great tool to keep us informed but they are also creating a panic situation among the population especially with the fake news. The situation we are living in is already stressful and we don’t want to succumb to media panic, so don’t stay glued all day long to your mobile phone or Tv Screen.

2.Buy Additional Groceries

We don’t know exactly how long we are going to be in this situation. If supermarkets or other grocery stores are open (for a limited amount of time I guess), take advantage of this and buy a few additional grocery supplies (the basics and hygiene stuffs). But don’t raid the whole supermarket and buy more than you need. Think about other people too.

3. Declutter Your Home

We all want to clean our house, repaint it, or move some objects here and there but with our busy work schedule we don’t have the time or we are too tired to do it. What’s the excuse now? Do it !. Clean up your messy closet, Declutter your coffee table, give the wall of your house a new life by painting it (if you have wall paint), or Go all Marie Kondo by getting rid of the furniture or things that no longer serve you.

4.Catch up on some Sleep

We all know as busy, hard-working adults or students we barely get the time to get a proper full night rest. Why not take this lockdown as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep? Don’t set an alarm clock(unless you are working from home ), sleep a bit longer, Go to bed earlier, Take regular naps and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast along the way (when was the last time you had one ? In high school I guess)


We are all slaves to our mobile phones nowadays. Why not switch it off or turn off the notifications for some hours and catch up on some good books? Maybe read the literature book you were supposed to study for your A-level exams or the one that you bought a few months ago but never had the time to read it. Reading expands your vocabulary and knowledge which will make you a smarter person.

6.Perfect your professional skills

Always wanted to improve your PR skills? Knife skills?Piping skills? Time Management skills? whichever skills you want to improve, the internet is full of resourceful information and tutorials. Look for it.


Meditation is known to have a lot of benefits and many Successful people practice it. One of the easiest and powerful forms of meditation is Mindful meditation which is simply closing your eyes and focusing solely on your breathing. Try it and work on your inner emotional issues too.

8.Learn New Recipes

Always wanted to learn to cook or to bake or a new dish? Youtube is full of valuable, simple, and delicious tutorials. Give it go. You might not find the time again.

9.Chase the sunrise and the sunset

Ever wanted to admire the beauty of the sun? Set your alarm time earlier, grab your cup of Joe, go outside your balcony or garden and wait for the blissful moment.

10.Listen to Music

Listen to favorite albums or the songs you used to listen to in your high school years conversely you can discover new artists. Right now, my favorite is the artist is Blume. He has some awesome chill playlist on his channel here’s the link:

11.Write Your Business plan

Always wanted to quit your 9 to 5 job and start your own coffee shop ? or side hustle? But you never got the time and energy to focus on it? Now is the perfect time, stop looking for excuses and start working it.

12.Pamper Yourself

If you work in a galley like me, Chances are you can’t paint your nails. So seize this opportunity to give yourself a homemade manicure or pedicure, put on your favorite nail polish. Have an at-home spa day; put a sheet mask on or make a homemade one. Oil your hair and leave it overnight. Do something that makes you feel special.

I hope this article will help keep yourself occupied and chase away the boredom during the lockdown period. Remember don’t venture out of the house if it is not necessary, keep your body hydrated, wash your hands regularly, and stay safe.

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