Abu Dhabi, the 2nd well-known emirate of UAE, famous for its luxurious lifestyle, skyscrapers, and sports events. A bustling and dynamic city combined with ancient religious tradition, it is a destination for the rich and wealthy but exploring Abu Dhabi does not mean you have to empty your wallet. Below is a list of fun and cheap activity to do in this Vibrant City.

1.Marina Eye Ferris Wheel.

You will have to go to The Marina Mall which is around 20 minutes drive away from the port you will be docked. From the Marina Mall, enter the main entrance and walk straight to exit or alternately, if you are taking a taxi, tell the driver to drop you at The Ferris Wheel.

The Ferris ride is approximately 15 minutes and it costs 55 AED. It’s totally worth it as you will enjoy a 360 degrees astonishing view of the city. If you are afraid of motion sickness, there’s no need to worry as the speed at which it rotates, caters for motion sickness sufferers.

2.Marina Mall.

Recognized by Forbes in 2017, as the top shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. It is the place to be. It is a home to a Bowling Alley, Movie Theatre, Restaurants and a myriad of branded clothing stores that suits every budget. So you won’t get bored there. Make sure to try the Starbucks there, They are among the best I’ve been, from the customer to service to the food.

However, be careful, the mall is super huge that you can get lost and the multiple entrance does not help either. Don’t be like me, Always pay attention to where you are going, which direction you are proceeding to.

3.Movie Time at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Movie Time After Work.

Abu Dhabi Mall, is another huge shopping mall with 200+ shops and restaurants. It’s closest to the Cruise Terminal, about 15 minutes drive away. On level 3, You will find Vox Cinemas which screens freshly released movies up midnight. So if, you are having an overnight stay in Abu Dhabi, why not go for a movie night ?.

4.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

You should visit this place whether you are religious or not, because it is a masterpiece and extremely peaceful there. On top of that,the ticket is free :D!. Moreover, it’s a great spot to take some amazing picture, from the Chandeliers to the marbles tiles, everything is picture-worthy.

Nevertheless, since this is a religious place, You will have to wear conservative and loose-fitting clothes. Men! don’t wear shorts. For women, don’t wear skimpy clothes, anyway, ladies, whatever you wear, they will provide you with an abaya free of charge that you will need to return after(either blue or red ). They seem happy doing so. Here’s a picture below.

5.Corniche Beach.

image source:Tripadvisor

Corniche Beach is a man-made beach,20 minutes walk from Marina Mall, it’s the place to be if you want to escape the heat of the city. They are 2 sections, one section is paid, it is mostly for families and ladies who want more privacy and the other section is free. Both section is clean, safe and have lifeguards. So grab your towel, put on your swimsuit and head to the beach!

Abu Dhabi is a safe city even at night, Taxis are metered and operate 24/7, People are friendly and chatty. So rest assured, Your time Ashore,won’t be ruined, except if you get lost like me in Marina Mall hehe.

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