When I was about to embark on my first contract, My sailor- friends warned me about the water quality on board, but I didn’t pay much attention then, I was more excited about my future adventures than the condition of my skin. After 2 weeks, I regretted my decision, the water on board is loaded with tons of chemicals and they dry the skin badly, and if you have acne-prone skin, you certainly start breaking out like a teenager. On top of that, the constant and sudden change in temperature does not help either, One day, you are at a beach in Vietnam and two days after, you are in the freezing cold temperature of Hong Kong .Don’t panic! Here’s a list of skincare products you should pack to avoid all the skin drama.

My Basic beauty Products

1.Body Lotion

Body Lotion is definitely a must .Pack at least two bottles of hydrating body Lotion or Cream ,whichever the brand,it should hydrating!.This is going soothe your skin and prevent from drying .Apply it generously after any shower you take and before going to bed.

2.Gentle Face Wash

Whatever your skin type, never use soap on your face especially on the ship. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the water on board is highly concentrated in chemicals, so is a bar of soap. Using soap on your face will result in open pores,dry-scaly skin and pimples breakout. Therefore, buy a gentle face wash suited for your skin type. Two normal-sized bottles should be enough for a 6-8months contract.

3.Toner and Moisturizer

Never neglect to tone and Moisturize your skin especially on a ship. Always tone and moisturize whenever you wash your face. Even if you have oily skin, you definitely need a moisturizer, buy a gel one.


Bring a big bottle or spray of Sunscreen with you, the higher the SPF the better. You are going to travel to plenty of exotic locations during your contract. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen even if you are going ashore for only 2 hours. It helps greatly to minimize skin damage from UV and unwanted excessive tanning.

5.Face Scrub and Masks.

A gentle face scrub, clay mask and sheet masks are your skin savior during your contract. I suggest you scrub your face and put on a mask once or twice a week. This helps keep your skin fresh, soft and clean. Pack plenty of sheet mask in your suitcase, not only do they smell nice, they do wonders to the skin as well.

6.Face Serum

Face serum provides a deeper moisturization than regular moisturizers. You can mix the two together or apply it separately. They are helpful in keeping the skin soft and healthy-looking.

7.Lip Balm.

Pack a lip balm to maintain your soft and kissable lips.

8.Eye Cream.

You don’t get to sleep much on cruise ship. So, you are probably going to wake up with dark under eyes and bags. Hence, an eye cream is helpful in this situation.

9.Pimple Patches.

They are extremely helpful to speed up the healing process of a pimple. So, if you have acne-prone skin, pack plenty.

10.Green Tea.

Green tea is useful for both your skin and digestion. It is an antioxidant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Have a cup sometimes! Instead of binge drinking in the crew bar every night.

Working on cruise ships is really fun. Don’t neglect your skin in the pursuit of adventure!.

Do you have any products to add to the list?Share your suggestions in the comments below

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