Traveling to a new country is exhilarating. It ignites a sense of adventure, gives us an adrenaline rush, butterflies in our stomach as if we are in love for the first time again, makes our eyes sparkle with happiness and brings a huge smile on our face that shows our whole set of teeth, However, despite our optimism about our stay in a foreign land, our happiness can be cut short due to some unfortunate events. From getting scammed to rude port officials, below are the ports I disliked.

1.Sri Lanka.

I read many positive reviews on the internet about Colombo, Sri Lanka, and have seen the beauty of this country through documentaries. However, my excitement about exploring the beautiful city of Colombo was short-lived,the moment I stepped foot out of the ship. Pushy taxi drivers tried to force me to take their ride service and their price was based on my position on board. Somehow, my friends saw me outside and invited me to explore with them. Their taxi driver agreed for $7 for 5 persons including me. They were four guys but as soon as the driver saw the fifth person was a woman. He hiked up his price to $ 12(really, why do women still get discriminated in the 21st Century?). We did not pay heed to his greediness and paid him the price fixed before.
This was not the end of our misadventure, we approached a rickshaw driver to take to us to a Temple, which he agreed but he took us to a historical building instead and tried to fool us into believing it was a temple, big lol. We agreed for $ 15 for all 5 persons and tipped him $ 5.But he was still avaricious. He saw notes in my wallet, stopped me, and asked an extra $ 5 then $10 ”because the fare is extra for a woman”.My friends had their back turned at this point. I was about to lose these 10 bucks as the place he dropped us looked sketchy, it was far from the port. I was scared. But fortunately, my friends noticed him and chased him away. For me, Sri Lankans are narrow-minded, disrespectful to women, and extremely greedy, for these reasons I will never visit this country again. I know not everyone is the same but that’s the image I’ll always remember from this country.


My Trip in India started well in the south, I had a great time in Kerala and Mangalore. But things started going downhill from Goa, a male police official made inappropriate tongue gestures at me and said something unprofessional. Another one made snide comments about my blue hair. I wanted to go to the nearby beach but made it only up to the gate and came back on the ship because I felt unsafe.
I also did not like Mumbai, I experienced a dishonest salesman who lured me into the shop he worked at, I thought he was a guide but it was only when we arrived there that he told me he’s a salesclerk in this shop, the shop owner was forceful, trying to get me to buy pashminas. It’s not over yet, taxi drivers dare to ask you ”why?” when you refuse to ride their cab. Also, they surround you and follow you like creeps, when you ask to go away, they either ignore you or yell at you. Also they will upcharge you and are dishonest. If they tell you you need to visit shops for them to get free parking, It’s a lie!! They get tips when you enter these shops, and they are expensive. It’s like this that I paid $ 5 for a shop tour instead of going to Gate of India. And he dared to ask for tips haha!. On top of that, shameless beggars grab and stick to you for more money even though you’ve donated to them already.



Okay so, I hate Cambodia for Two reasons. First reason is, it’s traffic, You can nearly make it to the other side of the road in a coffin when trying to cross the street. There are no traffic rules and regulations in this country, Thinking of using the pedestrian to cross the road? They are just for decoration purposes, Second reason, I hate this country is because I got scammed by a tuk-tuk driver, Dude charged me $45 for a dangerous ride to Wat Leun Temple. Initially he said $35 but then charged way more later on. Because I was in a hurry I paid him like a fool. Don’t fall for this scam, Don’t pay more than $ 20 for tuk-tuk ride.



I loved Venice and I still do, I had an amazing time there, but then the Port Officials ruined my trip. When I went through security, the port official told me to go forward, I told him there’s a queue and he told me to go anyway which I did, his colleague started yelling at me telling there’s a queue and when I explained to him, his colleague told me to pass through he kept yelling in front of people, so I went back, they both started making comments in their language while looking at me laughing. I think they were stupid racists Italian who played a nasty joke on me because I was the only black person there. I don’t hate Italy because of some stupid port officers, I’ve experienced amazing Italian Hospitality in many Italian Ports.

5.Saint Tropeze.

I don’t hate Saint Tropez, I was simply disappointed. Firstly, because the media portrays Saint Tropez as a hyped destination and there’s nothing as such, at least around the Port where the ship was anchored. Secondly, I expected warm sandy beaches just like in Mauritius and I was served with pebble beaches and ice-cold water. However, there’s a nice hill with pretty nice views in the upper areas of Saint Tropez.

Mishaps and disappointing events are all part of the adventure. This article is not to persuade you to stay from these countries, I shared my bad experiences with you so that you are warned beforehand and hopefully don’t be victims to these kinds of situation. Happy and safe travel

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